This big white and gray horse was handpicked by a great volunteer, supporter and route planner of 500 miles, Russ Lewis. He began his journey at Montana State University working with Rory J Bauer, and his name was originally Pork Shire. A few months ago he was brought to Heroes and Horses, and Micah and the rest of the crew that this was a very special and complex horse. He was renamed Winchester because 'Winchester' was a code word used in Vietnam for 'out of ammunition'. Ironically enough, Winchester never really seemed to be 'out of ammunition - he rode nicely, but was not trusting on the ground, and his defense mechanism was kicking. For Winchester, kicking was a fear/trust response, which made approaching him and catching him quite a challenge. Just like humans who put walls up, Winchester just didn't want to let anyone in. Micah and our Program Manager,Mike Reilly, worked long and hard with this horse, and he slowly but surely he came around, and it has been incredible to see the transformation that has taken place. This wonderful horse is still in the process of learning to trust, but it is our belief that if you believe in a horse, then they will come to trust you. We all have walls up like Winchester and sometimes we need someone who will believe in us to break them down. He is one of the best riding horses we have thanks to Rory, and we have all thoroughly enjoyed working with this stout boy. We are excited to watch Winchester grow and experience a life of helping veterans who are just like him. At almost 16hh, he is one of the biggest in the group, and you can't help but smile when you see that big, white horse running up to you.  We hope you enjoy watching following his story as he travels from the wild herds of Burns Oregon into the hearts of America's combat veterans.