Willis came to us just in time for last spring’s shake out trip in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.  Literally marching to the beat of his own drum, Willis has a history of rugged independence. 

After a grizzly inspected our camp in the middle of the night, Ajax, watchful mule that he is, led the herd on a mad dash to safety on the other side of the creek.   Now, having all of your horses take off is never a good thing, but having them bolt on the first night is a disaster!   The camp roused immediately and it must have been one heck of a crazy site as running horses were mounted bareback and we gave chase.  

Everybody was accounted for minus Willis, the horse who was donated just a couple of days prior.   Sitting around the campfire, with worry in our hearts, Willis’s short tenure with H&H was lamented.  Not a whinny nor a snort had been heard when finally we caught him standing casually less than a thousand yards out, watching from the shadows.

When Willis left us again the next day it wasn’t until hours later that he was finally spotted on the side of a trail, many miles away.  Refusing to be put into the string, he trotted onward never allowing a rider to pass him until the terrain opened up, hours later.

At fourteen hands he’s the smallest horse of the crew but his position in the pecking order is never questioned.  Assertive, confident and downright aggressive this little guy knows how to stay in charge.   However,  it isn’t until one saddles him up that the real fun begins.  With the quintessential stamina of a mustang and the unrivaled intensity of a horse on a mission, Willis instinctively knows how to gather the herd and does so willingly.  He leg yields and side passes readily and has an exceptionally smooth gait but it’s his keen intelligence and passionate drive that makes him one of our finest horses!

Your donation of $1500 (or monthly payment options of $30, $90, $125) benefits this horse in so many ways.   With your help we keep him fed, shod, conditioned, and physically sound.   We want our animals to thrive so we implore you to get involved.     

If Willis sounds like your perfect match, then feel free to fill out the adoption form below!