meet viking!
adopted by peggy kieffer

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We took all six of the Mustangs on an extreme back country pack trip this past week.  We ride deep into the outlaw country known as "Robber Roost". This country is made up of slick rock canyons and hidden trails with very little water sources. The outlaws loved this area due to the mild winters and  the ability to hide out from searching posses. The Mustangs did their jobs very well on slick rock trails.

Viking is well.....he is simply Viking! Everybody loves this horse. Some of the other guys on the trip really wanted to take him home! Viking had three different riders on him over the past 5 days, he took great care of them all!

update april 24th: 

Viking is interacting well with other people. We’ve had many guests here at The Ranch from Cancer survivors reconnecting with living to young teenage girls seeking their identity and place in the world. Viking has a place in his soul for all he comes in contact with. He is a real power house out on the trail! He loves to lead out and set the pace. 

update april 3rd:

Viking is under saddle and had a very successful, calm first ride. His ability to work on his own, independent from the herd is growing rapidly and is more and more confident being by himself. We expect Viking to be a superb Mountain Horse. 

update march 13th:

Viking has been very resistant to excepting change and new things. This week he has been able to stay mentally engaged longer in his training which allows him to be much more relaxed, he is excepting the halter and he leads really well and enjoys getting out and about here on the 7 acres of The Ranch.


This sorrel has a unique chestnut coloring with a silvery mane and tail and he is built to move.

Breed: Mustang

Gender: Gelding

Color: Sorrel

Height: 15.1 hands

Freeze Mark Number: 2172

Timeline: Born in the wild in Salt Wells Creek, Wyoming around January 1, 2014

Rescued on February 5, 2018 by H&H, and currently in training to be in the 2018 veterans program

Skills: Currently in training at Wild West Mustang Ranch in Fremont Utah 

Trainer: West Taylor

References: This Stocky sorrel is very athletic and is shaping up to be one great mountain horse.