MEET sally

There is so much that I could tell you about Sally that I don’t know where to properly begin.   Not only does Sally neck rein like a champion, she has the agility of a ballerina.  Having begun her life as a wild mustang, it would seem ironic that a horse of such humble roots would be so refined.   The common assumption that these wild horses are incapable of performing at the same caliber of an American Quarter Horse has been proven to be complete folly.    From the steepest, narrowest cliff maneuvers to the deepest creek crossings, our animals are asked to perform in some seriously demanding environments. From mustangs like Sally to the random mutts people have donated to us, our hodgepodge herd has shown us that it is not their breed that dictates their ability to perform in our program:  it is their heart and spirit that determines how well they can adapt and exceed expectations in the rugged and overwhelming environment we put them in.  This means their care is of vital importance to us.

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