meet murph!
adopted by marissa tegeler, cody althoff, and dean samuel.



We took all six of the Mustangs on an extreme back country pack trip this past week.  We ride deep into the outlaw country known as "Robber Roost". This country is made up of slick rock canyons and hidden trails with very little water sources. The outlaws loved this area due to the mild winters and  the ability to hide out from searching posses. The Mustangs did their jobs very well on slick rock trails.

Murph is progressing quite nicely. He went into the Grand Canyon as a pack horse and proved himself a willing hard worker with lots of endurance. He then joined a team of 6 men on a mountain retreat in the slick rock slot canyons. He has mastered the hobbles and will out run a man on foot easily. He is a real power house On the trail. 

update april 21st:

Murph proved himself this week as he went on a pack trip in and out of the Grand Canyon with a different string of horses. From tourists, to tunnels, to bridges he was an all around favorite of the trip. He packs well, has a strong frame and always carried the heaviest load. He is developing into a confident lead saddle horse. One of his funny quirks... he hates walking on concrete. 


Mustang 4037 is a Five year old Nevada Bay Gelding from the Rock creek herd management area Near Elko. These mustangs are descendants of cavalry remounts in the early 1900s.

Breed: Mustang

Gender: Gelding

Color: Nevada Bay

Height: 15 hands

Freeze Mark Number: 4307

Timeline: He was born on approximately January 1, 2013 in the wild where he lived for 3 years. 

Rescued on February 5, 2018 by H&H, and currently in training to be in the 2018 veterans program

Skills: Currently in training at Wild West Mustang Ranch in Fremont Utah 

Trainer: West Taylor

Other Notes: Mustang 4037 is familiar with Mountain trail riding and packing and so he is fitting in the training perfectly with the other five Wyoming horses being prepared for the Mustang Legacy Program.