mission & values



Heroes and Horses exists to redefine the relationship between challenge and purpose, by reintegrating combat veterans through an innovative, comprehensive and effective process that uses the wilderness, the horse/human connection, and a proven leadership model.


Our vision is a world where the over-prescribing of medications is replaced with ownership, and loss replaced with hope. A world where we are replacing the common narrative of damage and disorder associated with PTSD, with a narrative of how these experiences can empower, and be a catalyst for growth and forward movement in our lives.


Humility: Humility is an outward expression of how we approach situations and circumstances in our daily lives here at Heroes and Horses. We serve a mission greater than serving ourselves, so that others may live a life of purpose. We do not force ideas, but rather share and manage a process where change is authentically shaped by each individual. It's never about what we want, it’s about helping people identify what they want for themselves.   

Integrity: We are entrusted with public resources in good faith that they will be used for their intended purpose. We commit to being honest, transparent and having strong moral principles in all aspects of our organization, particularly as it relates to finances and internal operations.

The Power of Mindset: What you believe, you will become. 

Innovative thinking: We utilize innovative, never-before-seen programming, and consider ourselves to be pioneers within the non-profit space in our approach and processes. We adjust, change and move with constantly evolving conditions. As a team, we collaborate on decisions and practices, choosing the best option to drive our mission forward. Our focus is always on improving and bottom line results.

Selflessness:  We never make it about “me”, always “we”, and always in the best interests of our veterans and organization first. We serve others before ourselves - always giving a hand up, not a handout.