Meet Jesse!
adopted by the jw couch foundation

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Mustang #2402(3of3).jpg

update march 13th:

Jesse started as the most aggressive out of the five Wyoming Mustangs here at The Ranch for training. His answers were to seek fight. Overtime we have been able to teach him to down-regulate and engage. He is now excepting the halter and leads and is working well with his trainer. He is ready for the saddle and first ride. 


This big beautiful guy has got some horse power and is going to sparkle and shine out on the trails with all that chrome.  

Breed: Mustang

Gender: Gelding

Color: Sorrel

Freeze mark number: 2402

Timeline: Born in the wild on about January 1, 2014. Captured in Adobe Town, Wyoming on 10/06/2017 

Rescued by H&H 2/05/2018

Skills: Currently in training at Wild West Mustang Ranch, Fremont Utah

Trainer: West Taylor 

Notes: This Guy is a quick learner and has lots of get up and go. He knows how to jump and he likes doing it. He will make a nice rock hopper out on the trails.