meet jack!
adopted by the jw couch foundation

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Mustang 2395.jpg

Update March 14th, 2018: 

Jack has been by far the most friendly and easy to work with. Because of his eagerness and softness to engage with us Jack’s progress has been huge. Jack is haltering with ease, leading, backing and taking small adventures around the ranch. He is proficient in hobbles however he doesn’t like to move around much with them on. 


This Bay is a people lover and has been so curious and friendly from the start. He is a Great Big Puppy dog and just wants loves. 

Breed: Mustang

Gender: Gelding

Color: Bay

Freeze mark number: 2395

Timeline: Born in the wild on about January 1, 2014. Captured in Adobe Town, Wyoming on 10/06/2017 

Rescued by H&H 2/05/2018

Skills: Currently in training at Wild West Mustang Ranch, Fremont Utah

Trainer: West Taylor 

Notes: I had this guy haltered the first day during session #2. He is so friendly and curious, he wants to partner up and get out into the hills. He is ready to start a new journey with humans and will be a great ride.