My Company Raised Money For H&H


Independent Fundraiser: Redwood Logistics
Event: The annual "Redwood Games"

Every year, Redwood Logistics (a Chicago-based company) hosts a teambuilding event for their 300+ employees called "The Redwood Games". As part of this event, they also choose a nonprofit to recognize, and this year (2018) we were that nonprofit! For the month leading up to the event, Redwood broke their employees up into teams, and tasked them with raising as much money for H&H as they could - they, essentially, created a fundraising competition. 

In order to help make this go as smoothly as possible, the H&H team set up an online fundraising platform for them to use to raise money. All they had to do was share the link to this webpage, and people could easily donate on the spot. Not only that, but this platform kept track (in real time) of how much money each team had raised, which added to the already competitive atmosphere. You can view their fundraising page HERE. 

To say that Redwood Logistcs has creative (and competitive) employees would be an understatment. Here are a few ways that their employees went about raising money: 

  • Frank auctioned off his wife's car (we are pretty sure he had her permission?)
  • Brian's team hosted a "Root Beer Float Day" at the office (proceeds went to his team's fundraising pot for H&H)
  • Trista's team hosted a "Friday Morning Lumberjack Breakfast" at the office (proceeds went to her team's fundraising pot for H&H)
  • Julie's team hosted a lemonade stand at the office (proceeds went to her team's fundraising pot for H&H)
  • Colleen's team hosted a "Pina Colada Day" at the office (proceeds went to her team's fundraising pot for H&H)
  • Theodora's team hosted a "Casino Night" with proceeds going to her team's fundraising pot for H&H
  • Anais' team set up something called "Horse Herding" - they bought a bunch of plastic horses, and an employee could pay them to set all of the horses up on another employees desk as a joke, and then that employee would have to pay to have them removed...genius. 
  • Dillon announced to all of his friends, family and coworks that he would cut his VERY long hair if he was able to raise a certain amoun of money - we can confirm that the hair did, in fact, get cut. 

So, what were the results? In 4 short weeks, their employees were able to raise $45,000 for Heroes and Horses, and then Redwood Logistics threw in an extra $30,000 as a match - that's pretty incredible! You can read more about their event HERE

If you are interested in doing something similar with your company or fellow employees, reach out to us and we can help you get started!

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