Gravy is one of those horses that is considered to be a whole lot of horse.   He is tall, has the textbook beauty of a palamino, and his subtle nose dish gives him an air of comedic intensity. He is not a pushy horse on the ground, but he is also not a weak horse.   He exists somewhere in the middle of our herd dynamic; he is neither a pushover nor an alpha.    However, once he is under saddle, he is used to being a leader and is often used to round up other horses.   This is truly the moment when Gravy comes alive and watching a rider wrangle off of him is truly a sight to take in.  He holds his head high while his tail reaches the ground.   He is animated, and he has no fear, which means a good rider can get him to outmaneuver any horse in our herd, get behind them, and push them to their destination.   This is the type of horse we need more of and, because you people like yourself, we know he will continue to get the best of care possible.

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