How long has your organization been in existence?

Heroes and Horses’ 501c3 status was issued in 2014, and we ran our first pilot program that year.

Are you an official 501(c)3?

We are. You can find our official letter HERE.

What is your tax ID number?

Our tax ID number is: 46-4639973

Are you hiring?

We do not have any open position at this time, but any positions that become available in the future will be posted on our "Work For Us" page, coming soon.

Do you provide internships?

We do! We usually have 1-2 interns every year. All positions are filled for this year, but we encourage you to send in your applications to to be considered for 2019. Please note that our internships are unpaid, but that we do work with Montana State University to offer college credits. 

How do I become a volunteer?

Our volunteers play a huge part in making our program successful. If you are interested in volunteering with our organization, the first step is to fill out our volunteer application, which can be found HERE. This information will go to our Volunteer Coordinator, Linda, and she will reach out to you with any position that become available that meet your interests and skill sets.

Where can I view your financial statements?

Our 2016 990 report can be found HERE, and our 2017 990 report can be found HERE

Where can I get some H&H swag?

We have a ton of merchandise over in our online store. Click HERE to visit. 


Are you currently accepting applications for your program?

We are no longer accepting applications for our 2018 program, but we encourage you to fill out the application (which can be found HERE) and you will be considered for our 2019 program. 

Who is eligible for your program?

Most of our participants are United States combat veterans, although we will consider all types of United States veterans. Please note that our current program is for male veterans only, as we do not have an all-female program at this time. That said, this year (2018) we are partnering with a new local nonprofit, The Serenity Ranch, who is offering an all female program. 

Do you take female applicants?

Our current program is for male United States combat veterans, only. That said, this year (2018) we are partnershing with a new local nonprofit, The Serentiy Ranch, who is offering an all-female program. 

Is there an age limit for your program?


Is there a weight limit for your program?

For safety reasons, we have a weight limit of 260 pounds. 

Do I need to have horse experience to apply?

No. Many of our participants have little-to-no horse experience. 

I applied for your program, but haven't heard back.

If you have applied for our 2019 program you can expect to hear from a member of our team in February of 2019. If you have questions about your application, please email us at

How long is your program?

Our program is made up of 3 phases. Phases 1 and 2 take place over 40 consecutive days. Phase 3 is comprised of an internship/apprenticeship which lasts approximately 4-6 weeks.


How many horses do you have?

We have approximately 35 stock at this time, which includes horses, mustangs and mules. 

Can I donate a horse to you?

We do accept donated stock under certain circumstances, and assuming that we are in need of additional stock at the time. Please contact us at if you are interested in donating a horse to the organization. 

Can I stop by your facility and see your horses?

At this time, Heroes and Horses does not own its own ranch. We have an office in Manhattan, Montana, and then we keep our horses at the private ranches of various supporters in the area who have generously donated their facilities and land to us. 

Can I donate specifically to support your horses?

Definitely! Our Adopt-A-Horse program was created specifically for those donors who are interested in supporting the equine-side of our program. You can learn more about it HERE.

Do you need volunteers to work with your horses?

We do, on occassion, enlist volunteers to help with our horses. We do, however, require that you have significant horse experience to do so. If you are interested in volunteering, the first step is to fill out our volunteer application, which can be found HERE.


Can I get access to your logo files?

Sure! Email our Director of Marketing at 

How can I get a press packet?

For press information you can visit our "Press" page HERE, or you can download our press packet HERE.

I'd like to do a story on Heroes and Horses, who do I contact?

Please email our Director of Marketing, Ciera Krinke, at