Cody is a one of a kind mule.   His conformation and size are ideal for packing.  However, it is his unique personality that makes him stand out from the pack.  He is an experienced, trail savvy mule.    He is calm and typically remains quiet in the string.   Often it is Cody who carries the kitchen loads, a testament to his reliability and overall stature in our herd.  Of course he is a mule and, as such, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t at least touch on the characteristics that define his more muley attributes.  He can be a pain when he wants to be and this is especially true when his best-friend-for-life mare Sally is not around.  With Sally at the helm, Cody imagines himself to be second in command of the alpha crew.   Who’s to say a mule can’t be number 2?  Cody is worthy of high praise because he has earned a spot at the top as one of our very best mules.  So, it goes without saying that his care is of vital importance.

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