meet audie!
adopted by audere partners

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Update march 13th:

Audie has made the huge transition from fearing and wanting to flee everything to finding his own self-confidence and ability to relax and his new life. He is very willing and engaged to participate in his training. He halters well, leads and knows how to move around well in hobbles. A big milestone for Audi this week was learning to except the saddle with grace and ease. A fun fact about Audi is... he speaks with his head nodding yes to everything. 

notes from west taylor:

This gorgeous gray gelding is a favorite of the ladies and those long legs put him as one of the tallest in the string.

Breed: Mustang

Gender: Gelding

Color: Gray

Height: 15.3 hands

Freeze Mark Number: 2412

Timeline: born in the wild on about January 1, 2014. Captured in Adobe Town, Wyoming on 10/06/2017 

Rescued by H&H 2/05/2018

Currently in training at WWMR in Fremont, Utah

Trainer: West Taylor 

Notes: This big old gray has got it going on in size at a whopping 15.3 hands. He is a fast mover with long strides and has a fun feisty attitude. 

UPDATE ON 2/26/18:

The big 'ol grey has had his struggles. He looks a little rough this week in all his pictures because he would use his big head to try and push through his fears (literally) so he’s missing a little hair in some places. Things definitely got worse before they got better. He was over run by his fear, which is very normal for a wild Horse. He has a really big heart, which matches his big size. Great news is that he is working very hard, and was able to overcome his mental fears and learned to be confident in the training.  He had his first touch with a human this past week. We have had an extremely productive week of taking him from the "fight or flight" mode of his programming into "think and relax" mode.