Ajax is a one of a kind mule.   His conformation is ideal and his size is significant.  However, it is his unique personality that makes him stand out from the pack.   On our very first trip in the spring of 2016, Ajax’ alertness was on display.   We awoke from our slumber in the middle of the night to find that Ajax had decided it was time that he and his trusty group of mules needed to exit camp immediately.   We were stomping on our hats because before bed we had consciously made the decision to leave the mules loose.  “They’ll never leave the horses,” somebody said.  Well, they did, and they took some of the horses with them as well.   It was Ajax in charge of the mutiny; we found him and his pals down the trail in a meadow grazing.   Ajax was alert and nervous.  He was reticent about returning to camp but we finally got them back.   It wasn’t until the following morning that we discovered the fresh grizzly bear tracks and scat.   At the end of the day, Ajax is one of our best and that means his care is of vital importance.

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