meet ace!
adopted by paula gibson!

Mustang #1972(3of3).jpg
Mustang #1972(1of3).jpg
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update march 13th:

Ace has had huge breakthroughs this week in his training. He had fears of scary, shaky, crunchy, Wiggley tarps. Ace is working really hard to not allow his instinctual behaviors of flight to take over. He is finding comfort and relaxation by engaging and focusing on what once triggered him into flight mode. He is proficient in being haltered, leading and Hobbles.


This Bay is a favorite because of the white swirl on his forehead in the shape of a heart. Not to mention his Tall Dark and Handsome look and his mane is to die for.

Breed: Mustang

Gender: Gelding

Color: Bay

Freeze mark number: 1972

Height: 15.2

Timeline: Born in the wild on about January 1, 2014. Captured in Adobe Town, Wyoming on 10/06/2017 

Rescued by H&H 2/05/2018

Skills: Currently in training at Wild West Mustang Ranch, Fremont Utah

Trainer: West Taylor 

Notes: This guy is so athletic and can really move well on his feet. He is very confident.