Dear Heroes and Horses supporters, friends and family: 

As 2018 nears its final days, I wanted to take a moment to say ‘thank you’. Without donors, volunteers, sponsors, and the incredible staff at Heroes and Horses this incredible year of growth would not have been possible. 

A few highlights from this year:

  •  We scaled our 40-day program, adding a 3rd class

  • We integrated 11 new horses and mules into our herd

  • We built and implemented a leadership program which was added to our curriculum, along with a whole food eating plan and PT – a true 360-approach to helping our veterans

Organizationally, we hired a new COO (Rick Franco), and we are on track to finish out the year at ~ $1.2 Million (far surpassing our goal of $770K). 

Most importantly, we continue to see incredible – and consistent – results from the individuals who graduate from our program. Starting in 2019 we will begin sharing even more of these stories of impact and change. Here is a sneak peek:

Having the time to reflect and incorporate the lessons that the horses and the Heroes and Horses team was offering me has allowed me to reconnect with the inner strength and examine the issues that combat trauma has played in my life." - 2017 program graduate

"I can, with total honesty, report that I am now symptom-free of PTSD, no longer have nightmares, intrusive thoughts, depression, or anxiety." - 2018 program graduate 

I graduated a polar opposite version of the man who arrived." - 2018 program graduate

But, as many of you are well aware, our work is never done. In 2019 we will begin working to raise funds to purchase a home base for Heroes and Horses, which would be a huge step in taking H&H to the next level. As an organization we are constantly re-evaluating ourselves, improving our approach, and refining our curriculum to ensure that our program continues to remain innovative and effective. So, with this in mind, our team will take a moment to appreciate what a tremendous year 2018 has been, but then we will regroup and drive ahead to develop ways to make 2019 even better. We take your faith and investment in us very seriously, and we not only owe this to our veterans, but also to the people who tirelessly support us, and put their trust in the mission and the team behind it.

Thank you all, again, for believing in our mission, and for playing an enormous role in allowing us to continue to challenge and inspire our nations' veterans for one more year. 

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Micah Fink